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Cheap UPS Battery: Some Strong Benefits of UPS Replacement Batteries

Cheap UPS Battery

As our knowledge grows so great that an Enyclopedia now must have 30 plus volumes, as our understanding of the planet around the us expands, all the while the need for electrical sources also expense, most universally in the form of the battery. Most applications from batteries are for smaller less important items such as a Walkman, CD player, and such. It seems in today's economy, that the battery is an all important item. Everywhere you look you will find an item that requires a battery to run it. If the device does not require battery, and it usually runs off of the local power grid.

There are certain instances when the power must remain on at all times. This is best known in the world of computers. This can be illustrated with hospitals and their need for power also. In the course of an operation for instance, surgeons cannot afford to have the lights go out and have a blackout. These are much more in work and applications of the batteries handy power grids. With the power grid, you never know when it will fail, but rest assured, it will fail.

While many of these things are supplied electricity from the city power grid should the power suddenly died, UPS replacement batteries will sidestep the problem by supplying the needed energy. This type of battery which stands for uninterruptible power supply is a system that ensures not only that hospitals always have backup power, but so much with such essential features as the computers that aid in national defense and communications devices in times of natural disaster.

When UPS batteries are no longer functional they can just be replaced. The reason for recycling these batteries is twofold: safety and sound economics. First the removal of a UPS system can be dangerous in involves a proper venting of dangerous gases that can lead to cancer eye irritation even explosion. For this reason is up to the trained professionals to enact the removal.

There are many dangers involved and replacing UPS batteries. They must be properly disposed of, to be environmentally safe. The removal of UPS batteries for replacement involves the proper venting of dangerous gases that can lead to cancer eye irritation even explosion. For this reason is that trained professionals to enact the removal.

Lastly, such recycling results in a return a profit as the lead and other materials can be reused in battery making and other, non-battery applications, thus helping the environment again by recycling, and also filling one's pocketbook a bit.

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Cheap UPS Batteray: Microtek UPS

Cheap UPS Batteray

UPS meaning Uninterrupted Power Supply is the integral part of life for those people who use computers extensively. Though a laptop has its own battery to feed it power in case electricity cut off, but a desktop computer rely on a dedicated power supply. Incase of a power cut, your system will close down abruptly. You will not get time even to save your running applications and all the more, your system may crash or your files may corrupt. There are many companies who are providing good quality and highly efficient UPS. These include iBall, Intex, APC, Techcom and Microtek. Out of all these brands, Microtek UPS are much in demand.

Microtek is an award winning company for this product. There are many models of UPS offered by Microtek. These models have different sizes. The size of the UPS depends upon your requirements and usage.

Here are two popular models of Microtek UPS.

Microtek 600VA Heritage plus UPS
This is a very popular UPS and has many satisfied consumers to its credit. This Active Heritage Type UPS is equipped with unit input fuse protection. Other features of this compact device are active noise protection and short circuit fuse protection. It provides excellent back up with its good battery with recharge facility. It has sealed maintenance free lead acid type battery. Due to the automatic mains voltage regulation of its battery, this UPS keeps running even when the input voltage is high or low. It has voltage protective features like Battery low Voltage Automatic Shut Down and Over Voltage and under voltage Protection. It is a smart UPS with modem and data line protection.

Microtek 800VA Double Battery UPS
This is another popular UPS model from Microteck. It gives good backup time of around 25-50 minutes. On low battery, its alarm starts beeping. On voltage fluctuations, it turns to the battery backup mode. Its features include extended Input Voltage range of 135-300 Volts, smart boost function for low input voltage and Buck function for High input voltage. It provides over Voltage protection, Over Load / Short Circuit Protection and Battery Deep Discharge / Over Charge Protection.

Price range all these Mictrotek UPS is not much compared to its benefits. You can buy from retailers or from online store. But before making any purchase, do make a point to read online reviews. It will help you get the best product and the best deal.

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Cheap UPS Batteray: 7 Points to Smart Cost Effective UPS Selection

Cheap UPS Batteray

Generally, when buying an unemotional item, like an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), we look for the lowest price of a simplest unit that meets requirements. However, generous rewards await those that look around, and consider, smart and cost effective solutions before buying a UPS.

UPS systems protect computers when utility power is available and continue to supply conditioned power from batteries at power outage. According to the specific application, basic requirements should be defined, such as the type of the UPS, its Capacity (Size) in VA (Volt-Ampere) or kVA (kilo-VA) units, and the battery backup time.

After you know the basic requirements you can start shopping for the best price of a suitable UPS. You can however make better. By surveying the market, looking around, checking what is available at what prices, and considering the creative recommended guiding points, you can make dramatic cost saving, generally reaping additional performance benefits.

Here are seven points to consider for making a smart cost effective decision when buying a Power UPS:

1. As a rule: For better protection, Line Interactive type should be preferred over Standby type and On Line type over Line Interactive type. Therefore, unless other considerations prevail, choose the better system if its price is only slightly higher.

2. Compare specified UPS price to the price of next size system. Consider buying bigger unit, if the added price isn't significant. Bigger UPS enables to increase future loads, it has bigger battery with increased backup time, and extends battery life time.

3. Consider buying a bigger system if you need to increase battery capacity, beyond the standard battery coming with the UPS. You might pay for a bigger UPS, already equipped with the battery size you need, considerably less than the cost of the smaller system with extended battery.

4. Check the cost effect of splitting the load or buying systems which can operate in parallel. In some cases the cost of two systems, each rated half total capacity, may be lower than a single UPS system.

5. Consider using several stand alone single phase UPS systems, instead of a three phase UPS, provided loads and installation allow. Generally, the cost of two or three single phase units is less than one three phase system. Multiple systems may in certain cases increase power reliability by adding redundancy.

6. Consider the cost of using three single phase UPS systems, each fed from different phase, instead of a single three phase UPS systems, provided loads and installation allow. This configuration allows continuing partial operation, in case of a single UPS or input phase failure.

7. In redundant configuration, two or more units work in parallel, while at least one is a spare unit. Thus full power is supplied even if a single UPS fails. Check possible combinations to find the lowest cost. For instance, for a redundant system supplying 20kVA load, compare the cost of two parallel 20kVA systems, to a single three parallel systems 10kVA each. (Common mistake assumes that the last solution is always cheaper, due to lower total power).

How much can be gained?

Here are some examples:

Based on average prices of low power UPS systems, the price of an Online UPS is almost twice compared to Line Interactive type. This ratio decreases when power grows. You will probably have to add only 10% to buy a 5kVA Online system.

You will need probably to add only 20% to increase an Online UPS from 1kVA system to 1.5kVA or from 20kVA three-phase UPS to a 30 kVA unit.

Three 5kVA single phase UPS systems, each per phase, might cost about 30% less, compared to a single three-phase 15kVA UPS.

Three 30kVA units in parallel redundant configuration for a 60kVA load, can save as much as 25% (compared to two 60kVA units.

Implementing the suggested cost effective points, before buying an Uninterruptible Power Supply, may lead to a better solution with dramatically lower cost. Local availability and price of the specific system, as well as additional technical restraints on using the suggested solutions, should all be checked before a final decision is made.

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